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Dental Associateships: Practical Advice for Younger Dentists

We encourage new dentists and younger dentists seeking associateships or buy-in opportunities to take advantage of the powerful engine behind Create your free profile at today, where you can enter in your details and start that engine working for you, trying to continually match what you’re looking for with current opportunities. You’ll get alerts every time there are new practices looking for someone in your area with your skill set, so you’ll be much further along in that process and ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

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The DDSMatch New Practice Optimizer Experience

DDSmatch has been successfully connecting dentists’ present with their future for over ten years. A major factor in our success are our proven processes, which are continually revised with new information from each dental office transition that we facilitate. The Practice Optimizer Experience continues this tradition. If you are thinking about placing your dental practice for sale, this program can be invaluable to you as you prepare, plan, and prioritize for your future transition.

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Dental Associateships: Why They’re Good for Young Doctors and Established Practices

A dental associateship can be a great step on your path to dental practice ownership. For recent dental school graduates, or even doctors with a bit more experience, it gives an opportunity to increase your hand speed and build up your skills. You can learn from more experienced colleagues about both providing dental care and running a small business. It can move you closer to your goal of owning your own dental practice while allowing you to develop yourself further in all aspects of dentistry and practice management.

For a practice owner, a dental associate can be a good addition to your practice once you are ready to take one on. You can increase your practice’s production and collections. You can treat more patients sooner—helping you retain your patient base—without having to sacrifice new patients. And you can ease some of your own workload, giving you more time to put into other areas, whether those are personal interests or managing your expanding practice.

Why You Should List Your Dental Practice for Sale in 2021

Dental practice transition specialist Todd Garfinkel, of DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic talks with Matt Howard, a dental-specific CPA and certified business valutor, about the surprisingly positive trends they’re seeing in dental practice valuations and lending for practice transitions in 2021. Whether you are looking to buy a dental practice or sell your dental practice, there is great information here you need to know. Sponsored by the Maryland State Dental Association

Practical Advice for New Dentists Looking for Dental Associateships or to Buy a Dental Practice

Buying a dental practice or starting a dental associateship should be a well planned, confidential, and successful transition. With DDSmatch, that is what you can count on.

If you are looking for opportunities, create a profile on DDSmatch. We are constantly bringing on new clients who are looking to sell their dental practice or bring on dental associates. We take the guesswork out of the match through our Trusted Transition Process. We represent sellers only, so there are no fees for buyers or associates. But we can refer you to dental advisers including attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and local realtors. You can search through our database of available opportunities and you can be assured that your information will be kept confidential until you authorize us to share it. Also, we provide our DDSmatch Academy, which helps prepare doctors for practice ownership.

Understand How to Transition Your Practice Smoothly

Create the future you envision with the expertise to help you get the most out of the practice you’ve built.

The DDSmatch Trusted Transition Process

Many dentists don’t know where to start or who to speak with when it comes to the sale or purchase of a dental practice. Our experience, professionalism, transparency, and process make the transition simple. We’re here to guide you and answer any questions along the way. We provide a wide variety of services that support you at every stage of your transition.

ESFG Interview Todd and Sheryl Garfinkel

Andre’s Eaglesoft Field Guide Interview of Todd and Sheryl Garfinkel of DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic, dental practice transition specialists working in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, about “Transitions in DentalWorld”

Prepared for Anything: Legal Counsel in Dental Transitions

Considering a transition in your practice? Learn about the importance of experienced dental attorneys and find out for yourself why dentists like you trust DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic for expert advice, careful planning and win-win outcomes.

Landing the Airplane: The Trusted Transition Process

Considering a transition in your practice? Anyone can sell a dental practice. But finding a buyer who will continue on with the legacy you’ve built and completing a smooth transition is another matter. Find out for yourself why dentists like you trust Tood and Sheryl Garfinkel of DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic to help the find the right match.

Finding the Perfect Match: Our Match Process

Considering a transition in your practice? If you are like most doctors, you’re concerned about how your patients and staff will be taken care of once the sale has closed. At DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic, we understand your concerns and will use our experience to make sure you get what you want out of your practice transition, both financially and in terms of peace of mind. Find out way so many dentists rely on us for expert advice, careful planning, and win-win outcomes.

Fair Practice Evaluation: Third-Party Business Valuations

Most dentists don’t really know what their practice is worth. This is why we use independent third-party certified business valuation analysts to provide you with a reliable fair market value. There is great comfort in really knowing what your practice is worth. If you are considering a transition in your practice in Maryland, Washington D.C., or Virginia, find out how DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic will help you determine the most accurate and advantageous value for your practice.

DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic & The Trusted Transition Process

You’ve worked hard to build your dental practice and are committed to your staff, your patients, and your community. This is your legacy. It’s important to find a trusted resource to help you transition your dental practice in a way to protect the business you’ve built and the people who are important to you. The DDSmatch Trusted Transition Process ensures a smooth transition with win-win outcomes.

Transitioning on Your Terms: The Practice Optimizer Experience

The best dental practice transition the one where you’ve planned, prepared, and have options. Even if you think you are three, five, seven, or even ten years away from retirement, now is the time to start the planning and preparation so you will have good options when the time comes. The ddsmatch Practice Optimizer Experience helps get you ready for retirement and transitioning your practice the way you want, when you want.