We have in-depth experience analyzing dental practices, and matching them with the goals of buyers and associates in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia.

Transitioning to a new dental practice can be overwhelming. It’s going to be more than a new brick-and-mortar office – it’s going to be the place you grow professionally for years to come, and where your patients come to feel secure and reassured. We’ve been helping dentists for years, and we take all of these factors into account—plus a few you may have not even thought of yet.

Your personal and professional goals, clinical specialties, personalities of everyone involved, the location, your desired patient demographics – the list goes on. We help you pin down your ideal situation using our Trusted Transition Process®, and curate a confidential list of sellers or partnership and associate opportunities just for you.

Ten Things to Do Before You Buy a Dental Practice

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10 Things to do Before You Buy a Practice


Practice Sales

We guide the buyer to a team of professionals to foster a positive transition. We utilize valuation specialists, attorneys, and accountants to assist. We also provide access to our website with a searchable database and our vast network of relationships to achieve the perfect match.

Dental Partnership Agreements

We like win-win situations. Whether you’re an associate looking to enter into a partnership, or a practice looking to take on a new partner, ensuring compatibility is critical to fruitful long-term growth. This can be a tricky task without an experienced partner to provide due diligence and a blueprint for success.


Practice Mergers

We assist dentists seeking to combine their practices or join into a partnership to set clear expectations up front and complete a thorough due diligence process that helps them avoid surprises and ensure a smooth future for all parties.

Associate Placements

Our large network of practices enables us to help place dentists looking for associate opportunities with an office that is the right fit for their skills, personality, and long-term goals.

Dental Office Appraisals

DDSmatch offers dental practice valuations (appraisals) conducted by a top-rated, independent, third-party accounting firm. In addition to the financial appraisal, we also offer a thorough “clinical roadmap” compiled in the form of Dr. Charles Blair’s “Clinical Treatment Analysis Report.”  These reports are critical in the purchaser’s due diligence and can provide a blueprint for their clinical growth and success.

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