Selling a dental practice is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. One of the most important steps in this process is finding a qualified buyer who will provide a fair price and continue to run the practice successfully. Here are some steps you can take to find a qualified buyer for your dental practice:

Determine Your Goals

Before you begin the process of finding the right buyer and selling your dental practice, you should determine your goals for the sale. Consider what your timeline is, what you want to achieve financially, and what type of buyer you are looking for. All of these factors will be an important part of the buyer interview process, and it’s important to be prepared when you enter those conversations.

Work With an Expert In Your Local Market

It’s paramount to find a broker who understands the competition in the local Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia markets. Each city and state have various factors and guidelines to keep in mind throughout the process, and it can feel overwhelming if you’re not already familiar with these guidelines. An experienced, local DMV broker can help you market your practice to potential buyers, screen potential buyers, and negotiate a fair price that aligns with your goals.

Market Your Practice

The next step is to market your practice to potential buyers. This can be done by listing your practice for sale on online listing services, working with a broker, and networking with other dentists who may be interested in purchasing your practice. With their national presence, DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic can help you reach a wider audience and find qualified buyers who are already actively looking for a dental practice to buy.

Interview Potential Buyers

Find a buyer who aligns with the values that you’ve built your practice on. The most successful dental transitions are often when the buyer and the seller share similar values and dental philosophies. Make sure you ask the right questions and understand exactly how a potential buyer might fit into your practice. It’s always helpful to work with a Dental Transition Professional in Maryland, Washington D.C. or Virginia who will have the resources and network to guide you through the process. Once you have found potential buyers, it is important to screen them carefully to ensure that they are qualified and have engaged with banks to provide the financial resources to purchase your practice. 

Negotiations & Closing

Once you have a qualified buyer, the negotiation process will begin. You will work with your broker to negotiate a fair price and terms of the sale that are competitive to the DMV market. This typically involves a few back and forth conversations with your broker and lawyer to draft a Letter of Intent that outlines the terms of sale and subsequently, the Agreement of Sale. This is an exciting part of the process, and a local and experienced Dental Transition Professional will help the transaction close as smoothly as possible.

Overall, finding a qualified buyer for your dental practice requires patience, careful planning, and a willingness to market your practice to potential buyers. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of finding a qualified buyer who offers a fair price and  matches your values to create a seamless transition for everyone involved.  If you want to find out more about the process or have any questions, please reach out to Todd and Sheryl Garfinkel at DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic. They’re readily available and very willing to help. 443.422.9509 or