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Buying or selling a practice? Looking for a trusted partner to help during the transition? We are experts in listing your dental practice for sale and connecting people to the best opportunities for their business!

WHY DDSmatch?


WHY DDSmatch?

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Trusted Transition Process™

The Trusted Transition Process™


DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

Landing the Airplane (The Trusted Transition Process™)

Finding the Perfect Match (Our Match Process)

Prepared for Anything (Legal Counsel)

Fair Practice Evaluation (Third-party Business Valuations)

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Todd & Sheryl Garfinkel, DDSmatch
Helping Dentists Transition in DC, VA, MD


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Combined Years in the Industry

With over 20 years of dental industry experience, Todd Garfinkel has been one of the owners of DDSmatch since 2017, along with his wife Sheryl. Dentists across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., turn to Todd as their trusted guide when selling their practices or hiring new associates, recognizing his skills to help them achieve their envisioned outcome.  Todd strives to find the right fit of buyer or associate for each practice he represents. He offers seasoned procedural guidance and a win-win approach throughout every stage of the transition process—from drafting letters of intent and reviewing sales contracts, to analyzing practice financials and referring subject matter experts. Todd’s knowledgeable support has proven essential to many dentists throughout what is often a very complex and emotional experience.

The son of a successful dentist and oral surgeon, Todd received his B.S, in industrial psychology from SUNY Geneseo. From there, he has served the dental industry over two decades. Prior to joining the nationwide group of DDSmatch transition Professionals, Todd worked as a dental technology and equipment specialist with Patterson Dental and was a part of building over 200 dental offices, granting him wide exposure to the business of dentistry as well as a diversity of dentists and approaches. Throughout his career, his colleagues and clients have appreciated his ability to understand a variety of perspectives and create positive solutions to challenging and complex situations, always with a congenial and transparent approach.

With over 34 years of dental industry experience, Sheryl Garfinkel supports dentists looking to sell a practice or bring on a new associate in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., helping them methodically navigate the many aspects of the transition process while avoiding common mistakes and overlooked steps.  Clients particularly appreciate her warm style, driven work-ethic, and an exceptional eye to detail throughout the entire process—from overseeing the marketing for a new practice listing to ensuring all the necessary steps and paperwork are in place from the letter of intent through to the closing, along with working closely with the attorneys to satisfy all the exhibits of the asset purchase agreement.

Sheryl began her career as a dental lab tech prior to serving as a private dental practice consultant and a technology and software trainer for Patterson Dental before joining the nationwide network of DDSmatch transition experts. Throughout her long career in the industry, Sheryl has been recognized for her deep knowledge and understanding of the business, operations, and financial aspects of dentistry, as well as her commitment to putting clients first. 

Sheryl and Todd are deeply committed to serving their community, sponsoring the MSDAF, volunteering with Mission of Mercy, and supporting dental associations and societies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. In her personal time, Sheryl has begun a new hobby of powerboating, loves flower gardening, and enjoys travel—especially to spend time with friends and family.

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Dear Sheryl and Todd, I was very pleased with the entire experience of selling my practice through your company, from the very beginning of meeting you to the very end of sighing the contract. I was explained the initial agreement in clear terms, and I was never pressured to do anything I did not feel comfortable with. All of the terms in the agreement were met in full and I did not spend additional money or faced hidden costs. When you introduced me to potential buyers, you had my best interests in mind and again I did not feel that you were pressuring me into something I didn’t feel comfortable with. I was also very pleased with your professional referrals. When you found the right person to purchase my business, you developed a draft of the sale together with the attorney that you also recommended and you helped me during the negotiations and reviews of the draft of the final agreement. All in all, the transition of the business ownership was handled very smoothly and professionally. I felt that I was well-supported throughout the whole deal.

Dr. Nina A.

Dear Todd and Sheryl, The intricacies involved in selling my practice were monumental and you managed the process beautifully. Your network of legal, financial and accounting professionals necessary to bring completion to the sale cut right through what could have been a multitude of more decisions I would have to make. Everyone worked seamlessly in partnership and I can’t thank you enough for putting together such a high-quality team. Stepping away from 34-years of practicing dentistry (29-years in my own practice) was more of an emotional rollercoaster than I anticipated. You both were there to support me, at all hours of the day, with sage advice and wisdom gained from your experiences with other retiring dentists. Your personal level of service is rarely found in today’s business world. Once I signed a contract with ddsmatch I was amazed at how quickly the sale process moved ahead. The timing was exactly right for me and it is my wholehearted pleasure to recommend you to others contemplating retiring or purchasing a practice.

Dr. Joseph P.

Todd and Sheryl spent a considerable amount of time interacting with the lawyers and buyer through the processes of negotiating the letter of intent and purchase agreement and executing the final settlement. Nothing fell through the cracks as they were attuned to all the details and a timely resolution of outstanding matters. They are very experienced and handled the sale in a logical, comprehensive manner. I was quite impressed with the professionalism of Todd and Sheryl and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. Dr. Michael R.

Dr. Michael R.